Primula kisoana alba A rare species with wonderful white flowers that rise above the large felty mid green foliage in late spring. Rarely offered in Australia, Primula kisoana ‘alba’ is not difficult to grow. Reaching around 25 cm high in full flower, you may even get a second flush of flowers in late summer in cooler positions.


Even rarer is the white-flowered form, P. kisoana ‘Alba’.. Japanese primroses, P. japonica, come in many different shades from pure white to dark magenta held on 20″ stems and set off beautifully by their 10″ long bright green leaves. The flowers are candelabra form which means that they bloom successively in tiers one over the other for a long period of time in May and June.

Primula laurentiana. Primula laurentiana. Primula marginata'Alba' Primula marginata 'Amethystina' Primula marginata 'Barbara Baker' Primula marginata 'Beamish Seedling' Primula marginata 'Beatrice Lascaris' Primula marginata 'Drake's Form' Primula marginata 'Drake's Form' Primula kisoana var. alba (Co) Primula luteola (Or) Primula malacoides (Mo) Primula marginata (Au) Primula marginata 'Adrian Jones' (Au) Primula marginata 'Alba' (Au) Primula marginata 'Baldock's Purple' (Au) Primula marginata 'Barbara Clough' (Au) Primula marginata 'Caerulea' (Au) Your guide to gardening in North America and beyond.

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Primula kisoana. This Japanese species is a very dependable woodland plant; often tolerating less than damp conditions during the summer months. However, it should be planted in a situation which is generally supplied with moisture but it does not need a saturated soil. It will grow well in damp shaded sites. The white flowers are over an inch across, arranged in umbels of several blooms.

4-6” high. Spreads by rhizomes of varying […] And that’s exactly what P. kisoana delivers. And we’re talking reliable — despite last year’s floods, nothing could dissuade these fuzzy-leaved little primroses from sending up their courageously colorful flowers.

2021-4-6 · Primula kisoana shikokiana alba. Primula kisoana shikokiana alba. Scientific Name: Primula L. (Primulaceae) kisoana Miq. var. shikokiana alba. Nursery Availability No nurseries found. Taxonomy Levels. Primula. Primula kisoana. Primula kisoana shikokiana alba. Plant Citations. Alpine Garden Society, Quarterly Bulletin. vol 54, no. 1. (1986) p 61

Primula sieboldii 'Loie Benedict'. Bed 11. Rhododendron makinoi. Bed 11.

Primula kisoana alba

Plant database entry for Primrose (Primula kisoana 'Alba') with 2 images and 6 data details.

4-6” high.

Primula kisoana alba

0000 0000 1104 0276  Primula kisoana 'Alba' is een sleutelbloem afkomstig uit Japan. De zuiverwitte bloemen met geel in het hart combineren mooi met het lichtgroen blad.
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Price : 10 AUD In stock. This is the lovely white flowering form of this primula from Japan. It has leaves that are scalloped & slightly furry. It forms a good ground cover over time as it spreads by underground roots.

The white flowers are over an inch across, arranged in umbels of several blooms. The plant spreads by underground runners. Easy in moist woodland. Even rarer is the white-flowered form, P. kisoana ‘Alba’..
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2018年4月25日 カッコソウ関東から四国学名: Primula kisoana, 四国カッコソウ(白) 四国 学名 : Primula kisoana var. sikokiana alba. 四国カッコソウ(伊予 

alba (White moonlight primrose), Add to my lists Primula kisoana 'Iyobeni' (Hardy primrose 'I May 12, 2015 - Primula sieboldii 'Trade Winds'. Frilly strain with white Posts about Primula kisoana 'Alba' written by Carolyn @ Carolyns Shade Gardens.

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Aguliçja (me erë) (lat. Primula officials Jacq.) - Aguliçja është një bime barishtore shumëvjeçare me një lartësi 15–30 cm. Kjo bime është e zakonshme në kullota dhe livadhe subalpine e alpine, e cila lulëzon në periudhën prill-qershor.

A choice and outstandingly fragrant plant from the high mountains of Tibet. Umbels of pendent bell-like violet flowers, powdered in the throat, are produced on long stems in early spring. Your guide to gardening in North America and beyond. From what plants to grow and how to grow them, join our society to read the latest Rock Garden Quarterly or engage in our annual Seed Exchange.